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The Freedom Flag Foundation is offering you the opportunity for a place in history. You may donate one or more of 2,976 bricks to be placed at memorial site, becoming the outline of the star and the walkway. You have 18 characters on each of three lines on which to write your message. When placing your order for a Memorial Brick, please fill in the spaces below with the message you would like imprinted on your brick.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE MONUMENT BRICK CAMPAIGN: 2,976 Monument Bricks (representing 1 for each victim of 9/11) are available for donation toward the construction of the Virginia 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Flag Monument. All Monument Bricks will be fabricated and delivered directly to the Monument site at the time of construction. Bricks may be ordered 1 at a time, and you may order as many bricks as you desire. In the event that donations have been received for all 2,976 Monument Bricks, you may continue to support our Foundation.

Monument Brick